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Dave Portnoy’s 5 Lowest Pizza Reviews Ever

Updated: May 1, 2022

Dave Portnoy is famously known for his Pizza Reviews, He has visited and reviewed more than 1170+ pizza places in the US. He posts his progress on One Bite App and also sells his own Pizza "One Bite" which you can buy via One Bite App or Visit your nearest Walmart or at FreshDirect and Happi Food. Also, Read - Dave Portnoy's Top 10 Pizza Places in the US

List of Top 5 Worst Rated Pizza Places -

1. Cafe Muse

Location- 43 W 32nd St, New York, NY (Closed)

Rating - 0/10 | Yelp Rating - 3.5/5

Cafe Muse was a cafeteria that offered $1 Pizzas, Dave Portnoy reviewed their Pizza in 2017 and gave it a zero. In 2020, It had to shut down its operations. Watch the review

2. Rich's Grilled Pizza

Location- Augusta, GA

Rating - 0/10 | Yelp Rating - 2.8/5

It took them 30min. to prepare one slice of pizza. Watch the review.

3. Industry Kitchen

Location- 70 South St, New York, NY

Rating - 0/10 | Yelp Rating - 3/5

Dave tried a $2000 pizza covered with rose petals and gold, Their normal pizza is actually not that bad with a 6/10 in community rating. Watch the review.

4. Dante's Inferno

Location- Progressive Field, Cleveland, OH

Rating- 0/10 | Yelp Rating - 3/5

Very basic stadium pizza. Watch the review.

5. BD Pizza

Location- 105 Stanton St, New York, NY

Rating- 0.01/10 | Yelp Rating - 3.5/5

Common complaints included not being heated well, less sauce, and being too basic.

Source - One Bite reviews by Dave Portnoy & Yelp Community Reviews


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