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Our Mission is Simple

To get you smarter, faster on what matters.

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Our Story

Page Twenty One (Page 21) is a digital media company that provides news in a short and concise format to suit today's low attention span problem.


We believe that there is a better way to read and write articles and that's why we started:

TLDR Articles, allow readers to read and understand the article faster and more clearly.

How it work?

Every story is divided into sections, making it easy for readers to skim through the article in under 2-min. Bullet points are used to highlight part of the story.


Our weekly business podcast where they discuss Business & Finance in audio format.

2. Page 21 Weekly

A weekly newsletter that helps you understand the latest developments in technology, business, finance, economy, and policy. It is typically a 3-minute read and arrives in your email inbox at 8 am every sunday.

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500,000+ Monthly Views

Collectively from all our social media pages, we get more than half a million views.

Social media presence is everywhere Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, & Twitter...

We are growing. Fast.

We strive to provide unbiased journalism

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