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Is it time to ditch Chrome for Edge? Here's why

Updated: Jul 6

When it comes to browsing the internet, most people use Google Chrome as their go-to browser. As a long-time user of both Chrome and Edge, I can confidently say that Microsoft Edge has significantly improved than Chrome itself.

Edge vs. Chrome: Why Microsoft Edge is the Superior Browser for RAM Management, PDF Reading, and More

From its better RAM management to its powerful features, Edge has become my go-to browser for all my browsing needs. In this article, I will explain why Edge is better than Chrome and why I made the switch.

1. RAM Management

Chrome Ram Meme

One of the biggest problems with Chrome is its high RAM usage. If you have ever used Chrome on a laptop or desktop with limited RAM, you know how frustrating it can be to have multiple tabs open and watch as Chrome eats up all of your available memory.

Although Edge is built on Chromium, it offers much better RAM management. I have noticed that I can keep 10 -15 tabs open in Edge without any noticeable impact on my computer's performance.

It also allows you to set a limit on CPU usage for individual tabs or even extensions and another feature is you can put tabs to sleep meaning the background process stops, which helps a lot if you're browsing 20 tabs at once.

By Numbers: We ran a test on this and found that Chrome used more RAM on various tests. For example, with 60 tabs open, Chrome used 3.7 GB, while Edge only used 2.9 GB.

2. Advance PDF Reader

Microsoft Edge's Advance PDF Reader

Another advantage of Edge over Chrome is its PDF reader. Edge's PDF reader allows you to edit, highlight, and do much more with PDF files than Chrome's PDF reader does.

This is a huge plus for me, as I often need to work with PDF files, and being able to edit them without having to use a separate program is a big time-saver. In addition, Edge's PDF reader is faster and more responsive than Chrome's, which makes it a pleasure to use.

It also allows you to listen to your pdf, Read Along this feature is a text-to-speech tool that can read web pages and documents out loud. I find this feature helpful when I need to read a long article or document, but don't want to strain my eyes by reading it on the screen.

3. Temporary Download

Another feature that I love about Edge is its ability to temporarily download files. This is a huge advantage for me because I often come across files that I need to view quickly, but don't necessarily want to download and clutter up my computer's hard drive.

With Edge's temporary download feature, I can view the file without actually downloading it. This is a big convenience for me, and another reason why I have made the switch to Edge.

4. AI Integration

Bing AI in Edge Sidebar

Edge's integration of ChatGPT 4 in browsing allows you to summarize articles or PDF documents. You can also ask questions without opening another tab. This is a huge advantage for me as I am always looking for ways to streamline my workflow and save time.

It also has Grammarly-like writing assistance including spelling, grammar, and synonym suggestions across the web plus it's free, unlike grammarly which cost $20. Although it should it pointed it is a beta version at the time of writing.

Recently, Edge updated its UI which allows you to use certain apps on the side without opening other tabs like you can use Spotify on the side panel. It also has many other features like Maths Slover, Shopping Price Tracker, Edge's spinoff of Similar Web, AirDrop, etc.

5. Chrome Extensions in Edge

Chrome Extension in Edge

Lastly, Edge has all the features of Chrome, as it is built on Chromium, an open-source version of Chrome. This means that you can download Chrome extensions from its web store and use them in Edge.

This is a huge advantage for me as I have many Chrome extensions that I use on a daily basis. When switching to Edge from other browsers it instantly syncs all your bookmarks and extensions in under a minute.

In conclusion, I highly recommend making the switch from Chrome to Edge. The benefits that Edge offers in terms of RAM management, PDF reader, Read Along feature, temporary download option, AI integration, built-in dictionary, and more make it the superior browser in my opinion. The user interface and ability to use Chrome extensions in Edge make the transition even easier.

Editor Note: The article is not an AD or affiliated with Microsoft, At Page 21 we believe every interesting product story should be covered.


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