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Martin Shkreli's Latest AI Venture: The Future of Healthcare?

Martin Shkreli, the infamous "Pharma Bro," has launched a new AI healthcare platform called Dr. Gupta AI. Along with his other venture, Druglike, Shkreli aims to revolutionize the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

In a recent interview on the "My Visit Million" podcast, Shkreli announced the launch of Dr. Gupta AI. Described as "ChatGPT meets doctor," Dr.Gupta AI is an artificial intelligence-based platform that allows patients to consult with healthcare professionals via messaging.

The idea behind Dr.Gupta AI is to leverage the capabilities of AI to improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical diagnosis and treatment. Shkreli envisions a system where patients can interact with an AI-powered virtual doctor through a chatbot interface, which would be able to analyze their symptoms and medical history and recommend treatments. The first 10 messages are free, after that patients need to pay $20 per month.

While the concept of virtual healthcare is not new, Dr. Gupta AI promises to take it to the next level with the help of AI, It takes in your medical information to accurately identify the problem. Shkreli believes that the technology can significantly reduce the cost and time involved in medical consultations, and ultimately improve the overall quality of healthcare.

Dr. Gupta AI Martin Shkreli

Shkreli's other venture, Druglike, is a Web3 drug discovery software platform that aims to make drug discovery more accessible and affordable. The platform allows contributors to earn rewards paid out in a new cryptocurrency called Martin Shkreli Inu (MSI). Since its debut, Martin Shkreli Inu has been volatile and is down 52% gain since its debut.

MSI Token plunged 90% after a wallet that appeared to belong to Shkreli sold more than 160 billion tokens. Shkreli, via a Discord account that is believed to be run by him, told Bloomberg “I got hacked” when asked about the massive transfer.

Druglike incorporates a blockchain verification system, making it more transparent and secure. Shkreli believes that traditional drug discovery software is too difficult and expensive to use, and Druglike will remove these barriers and increase innovation. He also believes that a broader group of contributors should be able to share the rewards.

It is worth noting that Martin is currently prohibited from working in the pharmaceutical industry due to a lawsuit that accused him of devising a monopolistic scheme to safeguard the profits of Daraprim, a medication used to treat parasitic infections. In 2015, he increased the price of the drug by over 5,000%, sparking widespread criticism and backlash.

He is also being investigated by the FTC for possibly violating his ban from the pharmaceutical industry. FTC has asked a federal judge to hold Shkreli in contempt for failing to provide information about his involvement with Druglike.

Shkreli has denied that Druglike is a drug company and said he was only an advisor to the firm. He also said that Druglike was not engaged in drug discovery, but rather in software development. Currently, The judge has not yet ruled on the FTC’s request for sanctions against Shkreli. If he is found in contempt, he could face additional fines or prison time.

Both Dr. Gupta AI and Druglike are under one parent company called DL Software, which raised money from Silicon Valley investors. Along with this, Martin also has a substack newsletter which he started a month after his release from prison. The newsletter covers topics such as investing, science, and technology. He also shares his personal opinions and experiences on various issues with over 4,000 subscribers.

Shkreli recently criticized Cuban’s pharmacy in the newsletter for not being transparent in its pricing and for misleading consumers about the savings they would get. He also questioned Cuban’s character and business acumen and predicted that his pharmacy would fail. Cuban has not responded to Shkreli as of now.

While Shkreli's past actions have been controversial, his latest ventures have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Dr. Gupta AI and Druglike could make healthcare more accessible and affordable while increasing innovation and transparency in drug discovery. Only time will tell if these ventures will be successful, but they are certainly worth watching.

Editor Note: The article is not an AD or affiliated with Martin Shkreli, At Page 21 we believe every interesting news story should be covered, Sources: My First Million Podcast, Bloomberg, Daily Mail, and Fortune.


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