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Vsauce’s Curiosity Box gets acquired for $12 Million

MEL Science acquires Vsauce’s Curiosity Box to bring an unparalleled learning experience

  • Vsauce’s Curiosity Box, A STEM-focused subscription box has been acquired for $12 million by MEL Science, an educational subscription box company.

  • MEL Science raised $14 million of funding in 2020 and is looking forward to its expansion route after this acquisition, which will broaden its reach in the education technology industry.

Vsauce’s Curiosity Box gets acquired for $12 Million

Announced on 23 August 2022, Vesuace’s Curiosity Box has been acquired by London-based ed-tech subscription company MEL Science, the acquisition was done for $12 million in a all-cash deal. Curiosity Box is proliferating in the space of ed-tech and currently has more than 10,000 active subscribers, created more than 170 custom products, shipped more than 300,000 individual boxes.

Emerging Curiosity Box gets acquired

Curiosity Box was founded in 2015 by the creator Michael Stevens of Vsauce, a Youtube channel that rose to popularity by creating videos, featuring Maths, Science, and Human experiences, later Vsauce was joined by Kevin Lieber and Jake Roper and currently, this channel has amassed over 26M subscribers and 3 Billion views. Riding on the success of Vsauce, Curiosity Box delivers the experience through engaging toys, books, and puzzles.

Its audience engagement is quite sounding and clocking over 172k website visits and is geographically overwhelmed by the United States than any other nation averaging around 28.5 % according to’s data audience demographics majorly audience lies in the age group (18-24) 26.86 % and age (25-34) 31.04%.

With Heavy reliance on social media marketing 69.07 %, Curiosity Box's audience is trafficking from Youtube and accounts for a significant 97.97% of the traffic. Curiosity Box's global presence is improving quickly and according to

MEL Science is on a run to unite the learning experience

It was founded in 2015 by Vassili Philippov, MEL science is an ed-tech startup headquartered in London, UK, which offers subscription-based educational project deliverables to customers and it includes a range of more than 50 digital AR & VR experiences. Backed by 9 investors including Mubadala & Orbit Capital Partners to its recent list. The last funding was raised in 2020 summating to $26.7 Million.

MEL Science audience engagement increased by 5.69% to 251.5K visits last month, geographically its major traffic comes from the United States at 40.92%, and Its digital presence is marketed by search results at 52.54% and direct search at 37.14%, and traffic from social media is driven majorly by Facebook 48.74% and Pinterest 34.69%.

There are quite a lot of top players in the market who are not shy in their potential competitiveness. KiwiCo is one the most popular science subscription box with over 500K subscribers globally and clocks over $150 Million in annual sales. Mark Rober is also another famous youtuber who recently launched his subscription box service- CrunchLabs.

What Does This Acquisition mean?

With this acquisition, MEL Science will keep on its en route of expansion by conjointly efforts to bring new ways of STEM experience and make learning more experimental and absorbing. This will help MEL Science in increasing its customer reach and in broadening its position in the market.

Let’s hear what both parties say :

“I’m truly excited by the opportunity to collaborate with the MEL Science team! I look forward to working together and growing the number of people joining the curious community on our journey to explore the world, celebrate the amazing, and support brain health for the future of our pale blue dot and beyond.”

Michael Stevens, Founder of Vsauce and co-founder of Curiosity Box

“We are thrilled to join forces with the Curiosity Box team and I can’t wait to see what we achieve together. With the addition of their amazing creativity, storytelling skills, and unrivaled reach, we further our mission to democratize science, encourage children to dream about what is possible, and empower them with the knowledge and confidence to achieve it.”

Tara Hamilton-Whitaker, COO of MEL Science


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