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Mensa acquires MensXP, Hypp and iDiva

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

The D2C unicorn Mensa has acquired MensXP, iDiva, and Hypp from Times Internet.

What's happening: This acquisition will work towards enhancing Mensa’s digital brand-building capabilities and provide synergies in building a digital-first consumer brand

  • The three platforms together have 40+ million monthly visitors on the web and 250+ million monthly visitors across their social media platforms whilst owning several of the internet's well-loved IPs like Honest Reviews and South Delhi Girls.

Why it matters: Mensa  Brands  became a unicorn startup in just six months after taking over $218 million in funding. This money is then used to acquire established DTC brands.

  • According to CrunchBase, The company has acquired more than 20+ Brands such as MyFitness, Pebble, MensXP, etc.

Sidenote: Mensa Brands is an investment company, which means that they don't create any brands from scratch, They buy existing established brands and enhance their marketing efforts with cash injections.

  • One such brand is MyFitness which was acquired by Mensa on Sep 12, 2022, for an undisclosed amount. After that, the company's marketing efforts increased by 30%.

Employee Count at MyFitness
Employee Count at MyFitness

Who is involved: MensXP and iDiva are content media companies that focus on lifestyle-related content these were acquired by Times Internet in 2012.

  • Both these platforms' parent company is Indian Lifestyle Network (IIL) headed by Angad Bhatia who was also the CEO of the media giant, India Times.

  • Mensa will use these companies to promote its D2C brands, which will reduce its marketing expense.

What was said: Angad Bhatia, Founder, and CEO of MensXP and iDiva, said, “India Lifestyle Network and Mensa will together be a formidable force in content commerce. We are excited to work closely with Ananth and the larger Mensa team in building a house of brands. “

Summary: Mensa Brands acquires three top social media platforms from Times Internet enabling it to quickly become a huge brand with a wide following and vast markets.

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