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Impaulsive co-host Mike Majlak launches 10/10 Burger chain with first store in Saudi Arabia

Mike Majlak, the popular vlogging YouTuber and co-host of "Impaulsive with Logan Paul," has recently made a big move into the burger industry.

Mike Majlak launches 10/10 Burger chain with first store in Saudi Arabia

Mike recently launched his new burger chain: 10/10 Burger. The brand's first store opened in City Walk Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and has already gained significant attention from fans and food enthusiasts alike.

Majlak's YouTube channel, which has over 2.7 million subscribers, features his food reviews and experiences from various burger places around the world. His passion for burgers and his love for sharing his food adventures with his followers inspired him to start his own restaurant chain.

The name "10/10 Burger" is a nod to Majlak's rating system for burgers in his YouTube videos. He gives a "10/10" rating to burgers that are exceptional in taste, quality, and presentation. With his restaurant chain, he aims to deliver the same level of excellence to his customers.

Mike Majlak's 10/10 Burger in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Mike Majlak's 10/10 Burger in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The first store of 10/10 Burger is located in Ash Shati District, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and the brand plans to expand globally in the coming years. The restaurant raised funding from Saudi investors, indicating the brand's potential for success in the region.

Majlak has expressed his excitement about the launch of his new burger chain and his plans for expansion. In a recent vlog, he explained that he has always wanted to have his own restaurant, and now he is making his dream a reality. Apart from serving delicious burgers, 10/10 Burger has a unique and modern design. The restaurant features a minimalist black-and-white theme with stylish light fixtures.

The launch of 10/10 Burger has already generated significant buzz among Majlak's fans, who are excited to try the burgers and experience the brand's unique ambiance. Majlak's meet-up event on May 13, 2023, at the Jeddah store is expected to attract a large crowd of fans and food enthusiasts.

Mike Majlak's new burger chain, 10/10 Burger, is an exciting addition to the food industry. With his passion for burgers and his massive following, Majlak has the potential to make 10/10 Burger a global success. In addition to this, we have also previously written an article on his top 10 burger rating system. Check it out.

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The brand's focus on quality and presentation, coupled with its modern interior design, is sure to attract customers worldwide. Fans and foodies are eagerly waiting for the chain to expand to their region, and Majlak's meet-up event is expected to be a huge success.


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