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The Taking of Deborah Logan: Review

Updated: May 25, 2022

This intriguing title is of a supernatural footage film The Taking of Deborah Logan directed by Adam Robitel received a rating of 6 IMDb and user response 91% Rotten Tomatoes, which is applaudable in the horror genre but did Deborah brings something new or an unpleasant scare that can make your spine chill, nothing like that as what was promised in the trailer. Jill Larson who is playing Deborah took a toll on all herself making this film and crew efforts at least one time watchable otherwise you just ride on a random click or maybe only after a couple of minutes it turns off, starting of the plot looks promising when two people come to a house to capture daily lives of an Alzheimer's patient Deborah in her late 60's as a part of their thesis living with her daughter Sarah who looks to be playing the leading but Jill Larson took it all.

The very first very encounter of these guests with Deborah was not very nice and they came to know that Deborah was not happy of them being at her house, she resisted a couple of times that she needs her time alone and not under some cameras recording her presence. Such behavior can be ignored from someone who is deceased and battling life, but there is something not good with the house giving a sense of bad omen at the very start of the film accompanied by the strange events raising many questions and making this more sinister than it seemed like.

It's not recommended but could be a good first-time watch if you have a lot of leisure time, the film packs great collective efforts from the cast and everyone played their character plausibly well, direction, cinematography, and other things amalgamated. The only bad is the story, it's too loose and hardly any guessing like you start watching and you start making predictions that turning out to be the exact, very normal and plain story, could have been more ratings if the story was given more hands-on.


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