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Page Twenty One HQ #4

In this article, we talk about what's new happening on Page 21 HQ

To readers,

Page 21 HQ is a monthly company update to inform readers on what's happening inside the HQ as we believe transparency is critical in building an audience.

What's new: Happenings at Page21 HQ

  • Enterprise-focused newsletter brands

  • More long-form content

  • Paywall on business case studies

By Numbers: The website's monthly visitors grew to 9,979 (Google Analytics)

  • Pinterest views also dropped to 56K monthly view

  • Website impressions increased to 137K

  • YouTube channels views stayed flat at 87.7K views

  • Website revenue grew by 26% while YouTube ad revenue dropped by 4.3%

Next few months: We will focus on long-form content and of course TLDR News. The newsletter will remain our main focus, We hope to introduce more newsletter brands to cover more topics. Any news update will be posted on Twitter @prakhar.48

Thank You, See you next month!



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