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Page Twenty One HQ #2

In this article, we talk about what's new happening at Page 21 HQ

To viewers,

Page 21 HQ is a monthly company update to inform viewers on what's happening inside the HQ as believe transparency is key in building an audience.

What's new: Few changes happening at Page21 HQ

  • Ads will increase (Not on TLDR News articles)

  • Daily Caffeine Podcast will be inactive for a few months

  • Focusing more on Page Twenty One's Substack

By Numbers: Website's monthly visitors dropped by 23% to 7,279 (Google Analytics)

  • Pinterest views stayed the same at 223K monthly view

  • LinkedIn impression increases.

Next few months: We will be focusing on profitability, currently we are losing money as we focused more on growth. Content distribution is a vital part of any news organization and that's why having a mailing list is important, we believe relying on google search is not good.

In future: We want to expand our newsletter brands and write on various topics in-depth, currently newsletter market in India is still quite unknown.

  • Startup like The Signal has started to gather significant audience through their newsletter but it is spending big on ads and marketing.

Few people messaged and wanted long-form articles back. What do you think?

Want long articles back?

  • Yes!

  • No, I like TLDR News


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