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Is 10 Minute delivery the next big thing?

Deliveries are getting faster and faster, Is 10 minute delivery the next big thing?

Deliveries have no doubt been a game-changer in the world of the market, and it is no fact to be denied that almost everyone spends a lot on deliveries, and due to the benefit of getting what we want has come to the comfort of our home, people have started spending on stuff that they wouldn’t usually.

Instant delivery is based on the concept that customers want their groceries as soon as possible, and it takes advantage of people's growing comfort with digital platforms. Some analysts doubt the necessity for speed, as well as a business plan based on low fees but high labor costs. Others see the possibility of a new e-grocery channel that caters to impulse purchases and modest orders that grocery delivery firms have traditionally failed to satisfy. The total amount spent on online groceries reached $55 Billion in 2022.


Instacart, a grocery delivery service that operates in the United States and Canada, is one of the many internet-based businesses that saw an increase in demand as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Instacart has opted to reduce its internal valuation to roughly $24 billion in order to attract more talent and adjust to current marketing conditions.

Instacart's decision to revalue reflects both a desire to provide stronger ownership choices to new employees and current market conditions in which investors are wary about tech-first businesses. Instacart, like local competitors DoorDash and Uber Eats, has struggled to capitalize on the outbreak and lockdown surge.

Quick commerce is also on the increase in India, with newcomer Zepto proving to be a game-changer. Zepto was founded in September 2020 by two college dropouts, and its services were released in April 2021. Its promise of "rapid grocery delivery" in under 10 minutes drew immediate attention, and by December, the business had secured $100 million at a valuation of $570 million.

Gorillas’ App

The Gorillas app, which debuted in May with flashy commercials promising "groceries in 10 minutes" and has garnered $1.3 billion in venture finance, quietly removed any reference of particular delivery times from its website in December.

Gorillas' 10-minute promise is evaporating as the app faces criticism from politicians, including New York City Councilman Christopher Marte, who is working on a bill that would prohibit apps from advertising quick delivery times, claiming that doing so encourages delivery workers to break traffic laws, endangering themselves and pedestrians.

The negative discussion includes criticism of delivery apps' so-called "dark storefronts," which are placed in converted retail space and act as warehouse-like delivery hubs, frequently without allowing customers to visit.


With coverage in 650 locations, Gopuff has become the face of convenience delivery in the United States, delivering orders in as little as 20 minutes. The company recently partnered with Uber Eats on a new "daily basics" delivery service, and earlier this month announced the acquisition of Fancy, a U.K.-based delivery company.\

Gopuff primarily distributes convenience store items such as snacks, drinks, home supplies, hygiene, and pet and baby products such as diapers. In some markets, beer, wine, and spirits can be delivered.

Gopuff introduced goBeer, a beer delivery service, in December 2015. They started goBooze, an alcohol delivery service, in May 2016. goBrands Inc. is the umbrella organization for these services. Many of the things it provides are stocked in the company's warehouses, including electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, and pet supplies.


As more enterprises strive for speedier delivery, the explosion of internet commerce has altered New York City, with same-day delivery of a couch, a television, or the latest laptop just a few clicks away. In the grocery delivery market, similar tailwinds have also impacted Indian enterprises. However, it, too, witnessed a drop in its value, losing its unicorn status.

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