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Birla’s monopoly on Carbon Black

Birla Carbon, a subsidiary of the Indian conglomerate Aditya Birla Group, has established a monopoly on the production of carbon black in India.

Aditya Birla Group, one of India's largest industrial conglomerates, has a near-monopoly on the production of carbon black in the country. Carbon black is a critical raw material used in the production of rubber, plastics, inks, and other products.

  • The company controls over 90% of the country's carbon black market, making it the dominant player in the industry.

Aditya Birla Group's dominance in the carbon black market is due to its acquisition of the Indian operations of Columbian Chemicals in 2006. The acquisition gave the company control over two of the three carbon black production facilities in India, giving it a dominant position in the market.

Uses of Carbon Black

The company's monopoly on carbon black has raised concerns among industry experts and regulators. The lack of competition in the market has led to concerns about pricing and supply, as the company has significant control over the availability and cost of carbon black in India.

Aditya Birla Group has faced criticism for its monopoly on carbon black, with some accusing the company of using its dominant position to increase prices and reduce competition. However, the company has defended its operations, stating that it has invested heavily in the carbon black industry and has helped to increase production and supply in the country.

Overall, Aditya Birla Group's monopoly on carbon black in India has raised concerns about pricing and competition in the market. The company's dominant position has also drawn criticism from industry experts and regulators.


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